Jo-Jo is a 7-year-old Greyhound/yellow lab mix. He weighs 65 lbs and has been professionally trained by K( Logix. JoJo is lovely and loves to lay on the couch and snuggle up with his humans. He is very loyal and silly~ he loves to go between legs and have his butt scratched! He is well-behaved on the leash and loves all humans he meets. He loves long walks off leash and hikes, and running in the waves after a ball or stick. JoJo loves music, and he’s a cosmopolitan man! He loves going into restaurants and stores and will pull you into them. He has zero aggression towards humans (no food guarding and can have his paws touched etc.). He was attacked as a puppy so he is still a bit apprehensive of larger dogs. He would never hurt the dog, but he will bark. He has never lived in a house with a yard and deserves one- he loves lounging in the sun and eating grass and would love a place with a big yard or large property. He is currently living in the Santa Barbara area. If you are interested in possibly adopting him, fill out our easy online application.