Mr. Melvin Digz – Courtesy Post

There’s so much to say about Melvin he’s a big o baby that loves to cuddle thinks he can be a lap dog. Melvin is potty trained and crate trained . He loves car rides, those are his favorite I mean who doesn’t like their cheeks flapping 💁‍♀️ in the wind .

He does well with other dogs even small ones his resident sisters are two pomeranians who he loves to tease

Melvin however does not do well with kids, something that needs to be worked on I highly recommend he has a muzzle on when around kids.   We don’t know what this poor boy has been thru (missing a canine) I can’t judge him though some of us don’t like kids either 🤪 he definitely needs more training on the leash as he pulls a lot and boy is he a strong boy . I feel this boy has so much love to give and truly deserves another chance at a furever loving home ❤
He’s also a digger he loves to dig.  Three year old, German Shepherd/Sharpei mix.  Contact Susie,