We have a continual need for foster homes as the availability of those homes is what dictates the number of dogs we are able to bring into our program. The more foster homes we have available, the more dogs we can keep out of shelters and in our care until they find their forever home. 

Foster homes serve a number of functions and provide us with valuable information to make our adoption matches the best.

Through our foster volunteers we are able to really learn about our dogs, who they are and what they need in a home situation. This allows us to find just the right home for each dog which greatly enhances the chance that they will remain with their new families throughout the rest of their lives.

Foster homes work at identifying problem areas and may start working with them providing reassurance and security to a dog who has been frightened in its prior living situation or shelter experience. Shelter dogs always need extra TLC. The shelter system is a scary place for these animals since they are either coming in as a stray or abandon by their owners.

Foster parents can help out with the basic training such as housebreaking, walking on a leash and just making the dogs feel secure. Most of all, our foster homes provide a loving and safe environment for these dogs until we can find their forever homes. AIF will provide everything your dog needs while you foster then, food, medical, beds, toys, etc.  You provide extra love.