Luna is a 3 year old pure breed Alaskan malamute, pure breed from breeder. Luna gets along well with other dogs and is currently living with a chihuahua and a German shepherd without issues, she is a malamute and loves to play like working artic breeds do, rough and mouthy, so we’d love for her to go to a home that knows the breed and hopefully has other dogs with her same level of play and energy.

She LOVES to hike, loves the woods, loves howling (and has a beautiful voice), loves walking, does great on leash and loves cuddles and naps on the couch, so she’d also do great as an only dog as long as she’s provided with an active social life and the opportunity to exercise regularly.
She has never seen real snow, so our dream is that next winter season she’ll be with her forever family living a true mountain malamute life or at least, gets to visit the snow.

We have all her records from birth until today. She has insurance which can be transferred, she has all her vaccinations, and she is spayed.
For any inquiries or information please contact Irina at (818) 220-9315 or Valerie (415) 715-4855

Playing well with others: