Hello, Griswold here. I’m a retired 9-year-old guy looking for a companion. Open-minded, couples are welcome.

I consider myself a simple guy, I have my own place (crate) and transportation (foster mom). I’m super-efficient. When I wake up, you take me out and I’ll do ALL my business, none of that ‘go potty” baby voice nonsense. We go out, I do what needs to be done, I watch you pick it up, and we’re having coffee in 90 seconds.

Tired of demanding partners? Call me and sample the benefits of aching joints and extremely satisfying 10-minute walks.

Are you tired of dogs that bark at the vacuum? No problem, I’m 100% deaf. Won’t even hear ya when you trip over the cable.

I love me some humans so I’m temporarily sharing a studio with 2 ladies. They keep my belly full and slip me some old man meds and supplements, an evening cocktail.

Hit me up and let’s see where life takes us! Go to the link below to email Concerned Citizens Animal Rescue Inc. if you are interested in adopting me.