Have a HEART and help our REPO.  REPO our mascot, though still ruggedly handsome, has medical costs of about $150.00 a month. That includes his heart meds, vitamins, eye medicine and special food.  Can you help us out with his care?  A micro-donation of even $10 a month would really help us help this great little guy.  If you haven't met REPO, then you should look him up at our next adoption.  He's a cutie and very special guy.  THANKS for your help.  REPO says "Woof."

Ralph's Community Rewards

If you shop at Ralph's, then every purchase you make, a percent can be donated to AIF.  How easy is that?  All you need to do sign up and choose AIF to receive the community rewards.  Just sign up one time and that's it.  Click here to and go to www.Ralphs.com  Click to enroll under "Participant."  If you don't have a card, you can easily sign up for a digital card. Thank you for helping us out in this way.


Cars for Causes

Donate a Memory Tree

Dedicate a Memorial Tree

Planting a tree as a memorial gift is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and allow the memory of someone special to live on.


REPO, the wonderful, hottie of a mini pin, has been removed from the "Adoption List" to become our Goodwill Ambassador. REPO has been vital in the rehabilitation of several of our dogs including Spencer, Perla, Princess, Pinto and Honey.  REPO will be used as "trial dog" for those prospective adopters who aren't sure if they are ready for a dog or if their dog is ready for a companion. He will also use his great personality to help raise funds. Be sure to stop by our next adoption and congratulate REPO on finding a forever home with Angels in Fur Dog Rescue. He's such a wonderful dog that we could not part with him.

Angels in Fur does not let our rescued dogs suffer while we wait for donations. This what is best for the dogs, but it is very hard on us if we do not have your support.

Many of our animals come into our care with severe medical problems and, as a result, veterinary bills can get overwhelming. All donations go directly to the animals' care to help provide food, kenneling and medical treatment. Besides monetary donations Angels in Fur can always use pet food, pet treats, leashes, collars, bowls, blankets, towels and anything else you would want your own pet to have. Donations are tax deductible! We thank you for your continue generosity.

To donate, please send a check or money order to:

Angels in Fur Dog Rescue

P.O. Box 34178

Granada Hills, CA 91394

Tax ID #84-1720439

Or you can use our secure Paypal option.


This might be a term that you haven't heard before, but you probably understand the concept. "A lot of a little, adds up to a lot."
Antonia's Nuts demonstrated this concept the last year for Angels in Fur and donated more than a $1000.  How did Antonia do this?   For every bag of nuts they sold during a 4 month period, they would donate a .$25 to AIF.  That's a lot of nuts they sold!! But it's a perfect example of the "A lot of little, adds up to a lot." Forever know as 'ALOLAUTAL"

We know times are tough for people, so donating $50 or $100 at one time might seem like a lot. We have several dogs that need medical treatment, supplements or special diet on a monthly basis.  So we have about  $300 a month expenses for these dogs, that's before any other rescueing that we do.

Could you spare 17 cents, 33 cents or 50 cents a day?  It's probably loose change in your car. Wet

Our Micro-Donation plan consist of several amounts $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $75 or a $100 a month.  If we have 20 people sign up for $5 a month, that's $100.  If we have 20 people sign up for $25 a month is $500.  It's really that easy. Please consider being apart of our Micro-Donation Plan and help many dogs.

 Wet Nose : $5.00USD - monthly
 Soft Ears : $10.00USD - monthly
 4 Paws : $15.00USD - monthly
 Waggin Tail:  $25.00USD - monthly
Complete Dog:  $50.00USD - monthly
Awesome Dog: $75.00USD - monthly
Beyond Words:  $100.00USD - monthly

Choose Monthly Plan