Ralph's Community Rewards

If you shop at Ralph's, then every purchase you make, a percent can be donated to AIF.  How easy is that?  All you need to do sign up and choose AIF to receive the community rewards.  Just sign up one time and that's it.  Click here to and go to www.Ralphs.com  Click to enroll under "Participant."  If you don't have a card, you can easily sign up for a digital card. Thank you for helping us out in this way.


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Cars for Causes

Some very happy mutts

Jasper & his Mommy

Potsie now lives in Arizona

Louie has a twin size bed in the living room and bedroom at his new house. Nice job.

Donate a Memory Tree

Dedicate a Memorial Tree

Planting a tree as a memorial gift is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and allow the memory of someone special to live on.


AIF is a non-profit organization that is solely supported by donations. Many of our rescued dogs are in need of medical attention. We do no let any of our dogs suffer while we try to raise funds for their care. We rely on sensitive and generous to support our efforts. When one of our dogs are adopted, their adoption fee included everything they will need. Our dogs come with "full paws!"

    •    Financial support is always needed and put to the best use to support our angels. You can sign up to donate a specific amount per month (which is a very easy way to donate $25-$50 month automatically
    •    You can financial support specific dogs that are undergoing medical conditions Check our Angels in Needs link to see what surgeries, procedures and medical treatment we are providing our dogs.
    •    Financial support is needed for kenneling of dogs. It's not something that we like to do, but many dogs we get from the shelter are sick and they need to be quarantine for awhile.
    •    Financial support is needed for training. We have a wonderful trainer, Julie Iles from Lockwood Training, who we use for some dogs that have issues that will prevent them from getting adopted. Julie is a source of knowledge and provides tips and training to member of Angels in Fur on a regular basis.

    •    Without the generosity of our fosters, we would not be able to continue to save animals. Once we rescue a dog, we send them to the vet for an overall check-up. Many dogs that come from the shelter will need to be kenneled for a short period to make sure they don't have any contagious medical issues (kennel cough).


    •    Volunteers are the heart and soul of any non-profit organization. Our volunteers is a group of wonderful people who attend our adoption and help with set up and break down the event, walk dogs, talk to prospective "dog parents" and most of all are all very knowledgeable about the dogs. Many of the dogs they are showing and know so much about is because they also foster.
    •    We always need people to help transport dogs to medical appointments, training, or other events
    •    We have many volunteer who work best behind the scene doing telephone calling, answering emails, office work, etc.

We also need certain items donated
    •    Bedding
    •    Pet food/treats
    •    Leashes
    •    Bowls
    •    Advantage or Frontline Flea treatment
    •    Animal crates
    •    Office Supplies
    •    Video camera

Other ways you can support Angels in Fur is through programs from other vendors that donate a portion to our rescue. It's an easy thing to do and help us out.
Did you know that Ralph's Grocery Stores will donate a percent to Angels in Fur Dog Rescue every time you shop there? Please sign up and register your Ralph's card for our rescue. It's easy to do and you will be helping animals while shopping. Just visit www.ralphs.com and click on Community Contribution and follow the instructions and put in our name. You will be asked for a NPO#. Ours is#90545. Thank you for doing this simple and easy request.
Donate your old Car and raise funds for Angels in Fur

Have a car you want to donate to us? Cars 4 Causes is working with us now to facilitate this great option. Please CLICK HERE to find out more about donating or call (800) 766-2273.